'Logic, Beauty and Chaos' has received a complete broadcast on the US-based internet music show, 'Sounds of Ambience'

Premiere of 'Rendition' by the Komposit Orchestra  at the Nottingham Lakeside Arts Centre on July 21, 2010,  as part of the Artists Voice, 'Who is Listening?' conference



Bob has contributed a lengthy interview to Helen Chase's new biography of 'Magazine' which contains previously unpublished information on his contributions to the band in their formative stages alongside details of his current work

On December 5th and December 12th, 2010, Bob conducted a live global performance via video link of John Cage's iconic 4' 33" in support of the 'Cage against the Machine' campaign whose aim was to obtain a number 1 position in the UK charts for this piece. These two performances involved collectively over 400 amateur and professional performers worldwide.

First performance of 'Minium 2 - 5' for Tenor Recorder, Baroque Cello and Harpsichord by members of the Red Note Ensemble at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Monday, March 21st, 2011